Hearthy Matcha

Where is Matcha from?

We source our Matcha directly in Japan in the region of UJI/KYOTO the house of Matcha. All of our products are organic certified, tested against heavy metals and picked by respected and well-treated local farmers. We pride ourselves on being highly selective with regards to our products and supply chain.

Is Matcha suitable for Vegans?

Our Matcha products are 100% VEGAN, NON-GMO and GLUTEN-FREE.

Is your Matcha Organic certified?

All our Matcha are Certified by USDA, JAS/OCIA, EU-BIO, and CANADA-BIO.

What is the difference between the Matcha grades?

The difference comes from the harvesting time, the Ceremonial Matcha is made of the youngest leaves, they contain the highest level of nutrients such as L-Theanine, AND Chlorophyll.

The Premium Matcha Matcha is exceptional for its quality and grade. It is made from the second harvest of Tencha leaves which makes it perfect for a daily Matcha tea or for blending in latte drinks.

Everyday Matcha . This Culinary grade Matcha is exceptional for its quality and taste. It is made from the third harvest of Tencha leaves, which is why it has a stronger taste compared to any other grade. Hearthy Matcha Everyday is perfect for lattes, smoothies, baking, or cooking.

Matcha Preparation

How to prepare Matcha?

For a traditional Ceremonial Matcha: Place half a tsp into a bowl (1g). Add 10ml of hot water (70°/80 °) and mix thoroughly using a chasen (bamboo whisk) until the texture is homogeneous. Complete with approx. 80ml of water.

For a matcha latte (using the Premium Matcha): Place half a tsp into a bowl (1g). Add 10ml of hot water (70°/80 °) and mix thoroughly using a chasen (bamboo whisk) until the texture is homogeneous. Complete with approx. 200ml of non-dairy milk (or regular milk).

Culinary Matcha can be mixed in the preparation of dessert like ice-cream, milkshake, pancake, cake, creamy dessert, icing etc (get some inspiration from our social media pages)

Matcha Consumption

Can I use Ceremonial Matcha to cook?

Ceremonial Matcha can be used for cooking, and provides the food with a stronger, more vibrant colour when compared to the culinary grade matcha. However, due to its high quality, we recommend using the Ceremonial Matcha for drink usage only

Can I mix Matcha with cold water?

Iced latte and cold matcha tea are perfect derivations of matcha beverage

How many cups of Matcha can I drink per day?

Matcha is rich in caffein, therefore we recommend you to follow the daily dose and consume with moderation.

Can I drink Matcha if I am pregnant?

It is not recommended for pregnant women or children under 12 to consume Matcha due to the strong presence of caffeine.

Can I use the Everyday Matcha to prepare a Matcha tea ?

You can absolutely drink the Everyday Matcha (culinary grade). The culinary Matcha is made using the same technique to produce the Ceremonial and the Everyday Matcha. The difference is the harvesting time. We use the leaves from the third harvest so the leaves have a stronger taste than other harvests.

Matcha Benefits

What are the benefits of drinking Matcha?

A lot. Matcha is one of the healthiest ingredients in the world. It is a rich source of antioxidants, which are also found in fruits and vegetables. It helps reducing stress, improves the mood, detoxifies the body by remediating to free radicals, and slows the ageing process. Matcha may also help to focus and to relax the mind. Drinking Hearthy Matcha also help supporting reforestation project across the world so you also have a positive impact on our planet while treating yourself.

A little note

While Matcha makes you feel good and tastes good, it is not a substitute for a balanced diet nor any medication.

Any claims on green tea effect have not been substantiated on the basis of the scientific evidence listed on this website.

Is there caffeine in matcha?

Yes, there is caffeine in Matcha, about 35mg / 1 gram.

Matcha Storage

How can I keep the Matcha fresh?

We recommend to keep your Matcha in a cool and dry place, safely closed, to keep the powder fresh and away from humidity. The Matcha powder should ideally be consumed within 3 months to better appreciate the Ceremonial grade flavour, however, you can refer to the "use by" instructions for longer conservation.

The pouches are designed to keep the product fresh, however, you can also a tin if you prefer.

Is your packaging recyclable?

Our Matcha is safely locked in Kraft paper bag to ensure a minimal chemical treatment. Please make sure you recycle it to preserve our precious planet.


How do I contact the support team?

Our support team can be reached via "". We would love to hear about your experience drinking Hearthy Matcha.

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